I am an artist, researcher, curator, and organizer currently based between Vienna, Austria and New York, USA.

I explore the intersections of capitalism, climate change, ecology, and museums.

My recent projects have emphasized the study of capitalism's role in injustice, inequality, and its role in advancing climate change, as well as its reflection and impact in art, museums, and archives.

I work through collaborations, commissions, and partnerships which result in exhibitions, public programs, archives, and publications.  My work spans disciplines and modalities, whereby I develop methods of research to reveal systems of power, highlighting underrepresented voices and positions in the struggle for political, environmental, and economic justice. I was trained as an engineer and sound artist, but these days, I mostly make books and (para-)institutions, teach courses and workshops in design and environmental art, conduct research, and write/edit text.

I co-founded ︎︎︎Museum of Capitalism, a public museum that imagines the end of capitalism, made in collaboration with hundreds of artists, historians, and community groups, and the co-editor of ︎︎︎Museum of Capitalism (Inventory Press, 2017; reprinted in an expanded edition in 2019). I also co-founded ︎︎︎deurendis, an independent, artist-run venue for curated residencies, collaborative gatherings, and land stewardship. 

Projects, Current / Recent

Artist Books & Edited Volumes

FICTILIS (2010-present)

as Artist Project Group (Bernhard Garnicnig, Lukas Heistinger, Andrea Steves, 2020-present)

as Museum of Capitalism (2014-present)
Agnes: unfolding strategies of resistance and joy

anti-nuclear & environmental work
Articles and Podcasts
sound work
some press and interviews:
  1. ︎︎︎100 Works of Art that Defined the Decade (Artnet)
  2. ︎︎︎Building A Museum of Capitalism (NYT)
  3. ︎︎︎What Would A Museum of Capitalism Look Like? (New Yorker)
  4. ︎︎︎Così l’arte contemporanea mette in scena la crisi (Irene Opezzo, La Stampa)
  5. ︎︎︎This New Museum Imagines a World Where Capitalism Is Dead (Sarah Burke for Artsy)
  6. ︎︎︎A Time-Twisting Visit to the Museum of Capitalism (Atlas Obscura)
  7. ︎︎︎Which Stories Belong In Public? Monument Lab ReGen Advisory Roundtable
  8. ︎︎︎A View From the Edge of the Earth (interview for The Chart)

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