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Laressa Dickey // Phoebe Osborne // Steffi Sembdner // Rose Linke + Annie Danis // Sabrina Habel + Gabe Harp


Sound, installation, public projects, publications, spaces, and fermented things.


social practice, environmental art, public art, sound, and design
Sound In the Environment

Conceptually-focused research and studio course which connected concepts + practices of ecology, sound installation, and DIY technology. The course consisted of workshops, listening, field trips, visiting artists, and collaborative projects. Winter 2016, University of California, Santa Cruz

Social Practice & Environmental Art

Practice-based studio course which brought together collaborators from the arts and sciences to explore environmental issues through the creation of social practice works. Art and Film students worked alongside students from Environmental Studies, Marine Biology, Anthropology, and more. After researching social practice works, we conducted collaborative, creative research into environmental issues, making field visits to local organizations and/or sites, and developed projects in response to this research and in collaboration with both organizations and the “natural” environment. Spring 2016, University of California, Santa Cruz

Art & Economics

Experimental research lab which followed an economics syllabus, inviting students to interpret common economic concepts through artistic works. Students developed mock “exhibits” for a museum exploring capitalism and economics. Fall 2015, University of California, Santa Cruz

Environmental Sound Lab

Supported Professor David Dunn in teaching a research group and introductory course, Sound in the Environment. The Environmental Sound Lab is a cross-disciplinary working group between music, digital arts, and environmental science which explores the role of sound in practical environmental problem solving. 2014-16, University of California, Santa Cruz


on strategy, development, and other projects with a variety of nonprofits, startups, and institutions working at the intersection of art, environment, technology, and social change. My experiences — as board member, founder, funder, director, engineer, and artist — allow me to see problems from multiple perspectives. Get in touch to discuss your projects.
A few examples.

Women’s Audio Mission (former Board Member) // Oakland Light Factory (Director) // Drip (former Advisor)


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